Structured Abstracts in MEDLINE

Structured abstracts contain distinct labeled sections (e.g., “RESULTS”) for key information from articles they summarize.  If English-language structured abstracts appear in journals that the US National Library of Medicine (NLM) indexes, the labels in these abstracts usually appear in all uppercase letters, generally followed by a colon, in MEDLINE/PubMed citations.  Nearly a quarter of all abstracts added to the MEDLINE/PubMed database include section labels.  These structured abstracts are reformatted for easier readability in PubMed such that uppercased section labels are bolded and each section begins on a new line.

Legitimate structured abstract labels that have been identified are mapped to one of five broad conceptual groups (Metacategories): BACKGROUND, OBJECTIVE, METHODS, RESULTS, and CONCLUSIONS.    The  2011 NLMMedlineCitationSet DTD and MEDLINE/PubMed XML accommodate structured abstracts as a part of NLM data dissemination so that licensees can manipulate the display and searching of structured abstracts. This Structured Abstracts in MEDLINE® resource provides access to datasets of Structured abstract Label Lists and NLM Category Mappings files and Implementation documentation for interested Developers or Researchers.


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Lou Knecht

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