eHOST: The Extensible Human Oracle Suite of Tools

A prototype annotation system that provides an open-source stand-alone client for manual annotation of clinical texts.

The eHOST annotation tool has been used by several institutions and projects for a variety of tasks, including both the 2010 and 2011 i2b2/VA Challenges, annotation tasks for the Consortium for Healthcare Informatics Research (CHIR) projects.   


Chris Jianwei Leng
Brett South
Shuying Shen

Associated Institutions

University of Utah

Application Domains
  • Clinical
  • Clinical records
  • Literature
Other Resource Type
Software Subtype
  • Annotation
  • Co-reference resolution
  • NLP / information extraction
  • Regular expressions
  • Relationship recognition
  • Text mining
Programming Languages
  • Java
Operating Systems
  • Linux
  • OS X
  • Unix
  • Windows
Included Components
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Library of modular components
Dataset Subtype
Data Model Subtype
Online Resource Subtype
Knowledge Base Subtype
Intended User Types
  • Clinician
  • Clinical researcher
  • Informatics researcher
  • NLP researcher or developer
  • Software developer

South, BR, Shen S, Leng J, Forbush T, DuVall SL, Chapman WW. A Prototype Tool Set to Support Machine-Assisted Annotation. In BioNLP 2012. 2012. Montreal, Canada.

Available Documentation
  • API
  • Screenshots
  • Web page/HTML documentation
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