U-Compare is an integrated text mining/natural language processing system based on the UIMA Framework, which provides access to a large collection of ready-to-use interoperable natural language processing components, currently the world's largest UIMA component repository. U-Compare allows users to build complex NLP workflows via an easy drag-and-drop interface, and makes visualization and comparison of the outputs of these workflows simple.


Sophia Ananiadou
Jun’ichi Tsujii
Yoshinobu Kano

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National Centre for Text Mining

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  • Java
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  • Linux
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  • Windows
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  • Graphical User Interface
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Kano, Y., Miwa, M., Cohen, K. B., Hunter, L., Ananiadou, S. & Tsujii, J. (2011) U-Compare: a modular NLP workflow construction and evaluation system. IBM Journal of Research and Development, 55(3), 11:1 - 11:10

Kontonatsios, G., Korkontzelos, I., Kolluru, B. & Ananiadou, S. (2011) Adding Text Mining Workflows as Web Services to the BioCatalogue. Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Semantic Web Aplications and Tools for the Life Sciences (SWAT4LS).

Available Documentation
  • Video demonstration
  • Web page/HTML documentation