UMLS Visualizer

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This is a link to a java based UMLS visualizer. Your comments are most welcome.  It takes 30-60 seconds to load when first invoked. 

Instructions:  Select the databases to search on the right. Type in a particular term at the bottom and press return.  The seed term will remain in red, but attach to the inital term that is found.  Click to expand each node. If you click and a node does not expand there are no more children for that particualr node. 


J. Szymanski
P. Matykiewicz
J. Pestian

Associated Institutions

Nicolaus Copernicus University
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
University of Cincinnati

Application Domains
  • Biology
  • Literature
Other Resource Type
Software Subtype
  • Classification
  • Document/information retrieval
  • Named entity recognition
  • NLP / information extraction
  • Regular expressions
  • Relationship recognition
  • Text mining
Programming Languages
  • Java
Operating Systems
  • Linux
  • OS X
  • Unix
  • Windows
Included Components
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Library of modular components
Dataset Subtype
Data Model Subtype
Online Resource Subtype
Knowledge Base Subtype
Intended User Types
  • Clinician
  • Clinical researcher
  • NLP researcher or developer
Available Documentation
  • Screenshots
Licensing Type
Open source
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