R Engine Cell: integrating R into the i2b2 software infrastructure

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Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2) is an initiative funded by the NIH that aims at building an informatics infrastructure to support biomedical research. The University of Pavia has recently integrated i2b2 infrastructure with a registry of inherited arrhythmogenic diseases. Within this project, we created a novel i2b2 cell, named R Engine Cell, which allows the communication between i2b2  and the R statistical software. As survival analyses are routinely performed by cardiology researchers, we have first concentrated on making Kaplan Meier analyses available within i2b2 web interface. To this aim we developed a plug-in to select the patient set on which to perform the analysis and to display the results in a graphical, intuitive way. R Engine Cell has been designed to easily support the integration of other R-based statistical analyses into i2b2.


Daniele Segagni
Riccardo Bellazzi

Associated Institutions

IRCCS Fondazione S. Maugeri Pavia Italy
Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica Università di Pavia Italy

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  • Clinical records
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  • Algorithm implementation
  • Query tools/business intelligence
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  • Java
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  • Plug-in to other software
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  • Clinical researcher
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  • Mendis M, Wattanasin N, Kuttan R, et al. Integration of Hive and cell software in the i2b2 architecture. AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2007:1048
  • R Development Core Team. The R Project for Statistical Computing (v. 2.8.1). http://www.r-project.org/
  • JRI - Java/R Interface. http://www.rforge.net/JRI/
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  • Web page/HTML documentation
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